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Divorce Lawyer Peterborough - It is extremely easy to get overwhelmed when dealing with divorce or separation. The stress and emotional burden caused by dealing with the division of property and potential child/spousal support and access makes it a really traumatic event. Since the choices made during this particular time may affect the rest of your life, it is sensible to have a neutral party there who can make certain you are provided as much information as possible regarding the consequences of your decisions.

There are several ways to resolve family issues, including mediation, negotiation, collaborative family law and the Court process.

Our firm believes that any marital issues have to be resolved outside the courtroom. This saves money and is possibly the most efficient way. A fair, written agreement can be reached by our knowledgeable lawyers via negotiation.

If for whichever reason you cannot prevent going to court, we can help provide you with knowledgeable and experienced representation.

In "Collaborative Family Law", both spouses are responsible for hiring a lawyer trained in collaborative law. Each of the parties along with their lawyers first agree not to go to court and try to settle the problems through negotiation. Most of the work is spent with both parties and their lawyers present and negotiating between themselves.

Depending upon the requirements of the family, Registered Psychologists or Clinical Counselors can be included in the proceedings. Should the situation require it, we likewise encourage utilizing a child specialist so as to help arrange a parenting plan along with assisting with any problems concerning the children's mental well being.

When going through divorce, the collaborative family law is unique in that it allows the parties to come to a resolution themselves. We provide professionals to help ensure that the separation goes as smooth as possible, as well as to help deal with the extreme emotional feelings experienced throughout the process.

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