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Peterborough Divorce - All through divorce procedures, property rights are determined by Part 1 and Part II or the Family Law Act. The value of the home itself and the way it is divided is particularly dealt with by Part II, while Part I takes care of the rest of the assets. Just those who have entered into a lawful marriage are eligible to take advantage of these laws. Couples of the same sex who are officially married are part of this particular grouping.

Just property which has been accumulated throughout the term of marriage is entitled to be divided. The process that divides the value evenly between the spouses is called "equalization." Throughout this procedure, the value for every person's net family property is calculated. The spouse with the lower net family property value receives half of the difference between their net family properties.

In this particular case, the word "property" means something purchased by the person in addition to all the registered things. In the case where anything is registered under both spouse's names, the value is divided evenly between the two.

To be able to decide who receives the furniture and kitchen appliances, it is usually up to the spouses. To have to lawyers determine who must get what would cost more then the price of the furniture itself.

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The Trent-Severn Waterway is home to the biggest hydraulic lift lock, the Peterborough Lift Lock. The lock was opened during 1904. Located within downtown Peterborough is Del Crary Park, that is home to the Peterborough Yacht Club. Del Crary Park is a large urban space on Little Lake which is home to the international Festival of Lights fireworks displays, while providing a great outdoor space to be able to hold outdoor concerts and events throughout the summer months...